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Italian food like pizza, a delicious combination

Around the word, Italian’s pizzas are one of the most popular meals, not only  in the sense of tasting or looking them, I’m talking about that you can feel and  enjoy ingredient by ingredient.

There are numerous forms, textures, spices, sizes, colors and others that cause an incredible sense of tasting, such as: Cappelleti  “Refreshing Italian Classic”, or what about white wines?

Like: Pinot Grigio (Villa  Loren) Sauvignon Blanc (Argentina) or even red wines, like: Pinot Noir  (California), Rosso Toscano, Barolo, Brunello Di Montalcino Reserva and others, which can be a perfect companion with almost any dish of their lofty food.

Italian food and culture around the world

Italian food and culture are so famous because of their expositions along all of human’s history, the form of how they develop their culture is adorable and

they  don’t have a point of comparison. By the way, all the cultures that are in the world are important to understand our environment with their surroundings.

In this case, the loveliness art that the Italian one has is easily contemplated in the forms of representations in the museums of Florence, Venice and Rome.

Italian food and pizza

Pizza is so popular around the world, the mixture between all the ingredients causes the palate to enjoy and feel each ingredient. Each piece of cheese,

mushrooms, pepperoni, tomato sauce and more, according to which pizza you are eating, the sweetness and softness feels above your taste buds.  

In the case of pizza toppings, the ingredients which go above have a compound called glutamate, the same that when we taste something that has this compound

and hits our tongues causes our brain to get excited, yearning for more. According to some culinary scientists who think about the combination of cheese and

tomato sauce, which are made one for each other, produce that the flavor blended inside of our mouth can be felt like the perfect combination,  generating that

our mouths can be in anticipation of more.  

When we put the pizza in the oven, there are two chemical reactions.  

  • The first is called caramelization, which consists to brown all the  ingredients, it takes place between 230 and 320 degrees; and in few  words, it’s basically when the sugar that is concentrated in each ingredient turns into brown, for instance: when the onions and the tomatoes are  becoming brown, it indicates that the process of caramelization is taking  place in the entire mass.

  • The second process is called “Maillard reaction” and it happens during the time of caramelization. The meat and the cheese suffer another different  process, it was named by the French chemist: Camille Maillard. Pepperoni becomes crispy due to the reaction of the amino acids in high-proteins food, the cheese starts to have browns and bubbles, giving as a result the  most wonderful and amazing meal: pizza.

What Italian food can diabetics eat?

If you have that condition it doesn’t matter, due to Italian recipes having too many plates that you can taste without taking care about that stuff. The levels of sugar 

are not something that you have to worry about due to the huge number of dishes and by the way, the Italian food is considered one of the healthiest foods,

contain proteins, vitamins and minerals, which are so essential for our body. This would help with the normal problems that people could have, such as problems

with age or weight. Some examples of this are: Gnocchi dish, served with dumpling potatoes prepared with your choice of homemade tomato basil sauce or

creamy pink vodka sauce, or Mushroom Linguini that comes with mushroom sautéed garlic, extra virgin olive oil and Parmigiano cheese. 

A simple difference between fast food and Italian food, is that when you eat great Italian food,  you are going to feel all the ingredients, if it has mass or if it has

vegetables, but the aim here is about that Italian meals are prepared with a lot of attention, so you could feel glad of having a delicious meal, healthy and

memorable in just one single package of magnificent taste experience.