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What does an Italian Pasta Restaurant have to give to offer the most delicious Italian food?

It is said that an Italian food restaurant is one that specializes in any dish or recipe whose main protagonist is pasta and spaghetti, to become the select group of the best Italian restaurants in Sarasota.
For this reason, the menu of Venezia Italian Restaurant in Lido Beach, is characterized by having a great repertoire of pasta recipes, of different sizes and textures.

Italian Pasta in St Armand Circle

For example, we can find spaghetti carbonara, spaghetti whit clams and spaghetti whit mussels. There is also Linguini di Mare, Linguini Bolognese and Linguini Alfredo. And other pastas that stand out are Penne, Gnocchi and Lassagna in all their varieties.
The added value it gives us is that not only can you find recipes exclusively for Italian pasta, but many include Mediterranean and European dishes with seafood.
As well as special salads and meals with vegetarian options or gluten-free pastas and classic pizzas.

What to Order at an Italian Restaurant?

What to order in an Order in Venezia Italian Restaurant Italians take cooking very seriously, to make the most of your Italian culinary adventure and to make sure your palate can enjoy la dolce vita too, we introduce you to all the delicious aspects of it.

Delicious Italian Food Lunch


Most Italians eat lunch around 1 or 2 p.m. and, depending on your living conditions and professional situation, it is usually the main meal of your day.

If your busy schedule allows it, lunch can consist of two dishes: pasta, first option, and fish or meat, as a main course and of course a delicious dessert and an espresso to accompany it.

If you just want a quick lunch, a salad , pizza or a sandwich will be enough and finally a ristreto coffee. If you have a snack between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., opt for the aperitif, which is nothing more than the aperitif.

Exquisite Dinner in Italian Restaurant

A typical dinner with Italian food usually consists of pasta, meat and vegetables and dessert.

I recommend that to start you try the bruschetta, which is pronounced “brusketta”, this toast, seasoned with tomato and olive oil, will delight your palate.

You can also include cheese, meat and olive dishes The truth is that it involves several dishes, wine and long moments of chatting and living with friends.


How do you say Restaurant in Italian


The restaurant in Italian is called Ristorante, but, beyond a simple definition, there is more than one term to take into account when we describe a restaurant from the Italian point of view.

For example, we have the differences between Ristorante, Trattoria, and Osteria.

The most formal is Ristorante, with an extensive menu and more elaborate dishes, you are served by professional waiters and a sommelier, the person in charge of the wine and spirits service.

The Trattoria is a traditional family restaurant with delicious and hearty food. Finally, the Osteria is a tavern where wines and a daily’s menu or menu of the day are served.

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