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If you are American, it’s after noon and you want to drink a coffee, you can order an espresso macchiato almost everywhere and nothing would happen.

But  normally, Italian people don’t use to drink coffee at the afternoon due to the milk contain dairy, which consider it only part of the breakfast time, and also, they don’t use to drink tap water because of two reasons: 

  • Some people said that the water has high levels of calcium 
  • Other said that is like a habit in their whole country 

If you are still wanting tap water, a lot of restaurants in Italy are implementing the buy and sell of tap water, but don’t get surprised if you’re in a restaurant, you order it and the waiter forgets to refill your glass, because is not common to do that so they are not used to.

However, at Venezia Italian Restaurant you can order any delicious wine, beer, sodas and of course we provide our dear customers all the water and the necessary refills that they need!

What is Italian food like


What about the complaints of coffee at breakfast time?

Usually Italian people eat coffee with bread, but the bread doesn’t come with butter, balsamic or olive oil, the bread is eaten plain; though, if you want a condiment

for your bread you can ask it to the waiter, but once again, the waiter is going to get confused because is uncommon to eat it, or if you want to eat a plate with bread,

you can enjoy it using the “Fare la scarpetta” which basically means “making a little shoe” this is refers to use the bread for soak up the last of sauce that remain in

the dish.

In this article we want to explain to you the traditions of Italians, at Venezia Italian Restaurant located at St Armands, Sarasota, Florida, we have adapted

to all over the world customers and we have incorporated all the culture and best world class service for you to enjoy.

It is always good to learn about other countries’ customs and food culture in case that you are planning your next trip!

Italian food like spaghetti “Al dente” and meatballs


The phrase “Al dente” refers to “to the tooth” that wants to say your pasta should be cooked to the point that the taste shouldn’t be chalky, providing the best 

texture to the dish. However, lately some restaurants are cooking “al chiado” or  “to the nail” which means, the pasta is being cooked less than the normal, for

instance: Spaghetti al Fresco comes with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil or Spaghetti with mussels that has sautéed in with wine,

garlic and parsley or with marine sauce, Spaghetti with clams, Spaghetti Venezia and a lot of different types of spaghetti is what Venezia Italian Restaurant


Spaghetti and meatballs are not a dish served in Italy, because spaghetti is common to be served in pasta dishes, and meatballs are served on their own,

but if you want a combination of both, it could be an Italian-American combination. Also, another uncommon thing in Italy, is that you don’t cut with a knife the

noodles to eat them, the Italian people wind the pasta around the fork, so the  knife doesn’t have a real use while you are eating those kinds of dishes.

What was Italian food like before pasta?

Something that is common in Italy is that pizza is not served in slices like always, in some Italian restaurants the pizza is going to be served entirely for you, and the

waiters will give you a knife so you can cut it into slices. But there is an exception, in some places that serve pizza, they’ll give you in an uncommon way pizza a

taglio aka pizza al trancio which basically consists in giving it already cut, but the portions will be rectangular. This style of pizza originated in Tome. Venezia Italian

Restaurant has numerous types of sizes, textures and treats about pizza, such as: Pesto Della Nonna which contains white pizza, homemade pesto, mushrooms,

fresh mozzarella and fresh marinated tomatoes, Arugula Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza and many more pizza options for you to try from.

Italian food and desserts, digestion more aperitives

For the Italian culture, digestion is something that you have to take care about,  so due to this, it is very common to find people drinking a suite of liqueurs named

‘’digestivi’’, which help for a better digestion after eating your meal. When it is early 6 pm they have a happy tradition, which consists in eating an aperitive till 9

pm,  a lot of bars serve cocktails, or in places like in Venezia Italian restaurant you can have a great dessert instead of a cocktail. They are amazing and so

impactful, due to the fact that they have a lot of variety like: Lemon Cake, Chocolate Cake, Cheese Cake, Apple Pie and the sweetest Tiramisu.  

Dinner in Italians is frequently eaten later than the American people do, that means they have dinner time from 7pm or 7:30pm, but in some cases a lot of Italian

restaurants are still serving around 9-10 pm. Another interesting fact is that when you book a table in an Italian restaurant, that table is only for you, that means

you can spend all the time that you want talking with someone, it could be hours and hours, it doesn’t matter, you could do that while you’re drinking a wine, or

eating a rectangular slice of pizza without being bothered by any waiter asking to you to leave! Same thing happens at Venezia, feel free to spend the best quality

time with your family and friends.