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Slice of the World: Brick Oven Pizza


In Italian gastronomy, the brick oven pizza, due to its size, its fame and its culinary peculiarities, is considered a unique dish.

It is eaten without being accompanied by other dishes and is not part of the traditional menus: L’antipasto (cold or hot appetizers), Il primo (first dish), Il secondo (second dish, usually the main dish),  Il contorno (side dish that can consist of a salad or prepared vegetables) and Il dolce (sweet desert).

Brick Oven Pizza, The Most Popular Italian Food

The family of pizza there are also focaccia, a kind of flat bread covered with herbs and other food products, and Calzone, a pizza “closed” on its ends, which can be fried or baked.

You can cook pizza on the grill, in an industrial oven or a brick oven, l
ike the brick oven pizza that has such as Venezia Italian Restaurant, located on St. Armands Circle, a few meters from Lido Key, in Sarasota, Florida.

Is there an Italian Food Without Cheese?

It is difficult to think of a meal of Italian gastronomy that does not have cheese, since Italy is the country that has the largest variety of cheeses in the world. Italian food such as pizza, tiramisu, and caprese salad are not examples of Italian food without cheese, but with cheese.

Examples of Italian food without cheese are: pasta (cheese is added later but it is not essential), gelato and porchetta (typical dish of Italian cuisine consisting of pork (usually a whole pig), devoid of bones and that has been roasted in the oven).

What is the Temperature of a Brick Oven to Make Pizza?

The temperature of a brick oven to make pizza is around 800 ° F (426 ° C). That’s the perfect temperature to cook crispy pizzas.

You have to leave the pizzas in the oven for 90 seconds.

After starting a fire in the oven, the dome chamber absorbs the heat until it becomes white hot.  At that point, the fire is either extinguished or left burning gently:  there is the moment that you can start using the brick oven to make pizza.

Less crispy pizza cooks well at 575 F ° (301 C °).  Large roasts can be cooked when the temperature drops to 450 F ° (232 C °).

That is why the pizzas cooked in this brick oven are so famous and so delicious.

Why Should a Restaurant Have a Brick Oven to Make Pizza?

This is a question that has many answers. There are many reasons why a restaurant has to have an brick oven to make pizzas, and these are the following: – The first is because a brick oven is the best way to cook a pizzaAcquire a smoky flavor and a crunch that will make your experience eating pizza unforgettable. – The second reason is because people demand more and more this type of pizza. Just look at Google Trend and see that brick oven searches have grown over time.

– The last but not least is that the asset value of your restaurant will increase if you have this type of oven,  since not many restaurants do not have it, and in Sarasota, Florida, Venezia Italian Restaurant is the best restaurant that has a brick oven to make pizza.

Where Can I Find an Italian Restaurant with a Brick Oven Near Me?

It is really easy to find this type of restaurant. It depends on where you are. You can know where to find an Italian restaurant with a brick oven near me by searching on Google, but if you are in Sarasota, Florida, near Lido Key, there are many Italian restaurantsbut none with a brick oven to cook pizza like the one in Venezia, located on St. Armands Circle, a few meters from Lido Key.


Brick Oven Pizza in Sarasota
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