Venezia Italian Restaurant


What do you call an Italian spaghetti restaurant?


It is said that an Italian spaghetti restaurant is one specializes in any dish or recipe whose main protagonist is spaghetti, making it one of the best Italian restaurant. Venezia Italian Restaurant’s menu is known for having a great repertoire of pasta recipes, of different size and texture. For example, we can find tiny spaghetti-like angel hair pasta or angel hair al fresco, among others. There is also short spaghetti such as Penne quattro formaggi, penne primavera, penne chicken arriabiata Gnocchi bolognese, gnocchi alfredo, among others. Among the long legs, we can find Spaghetti alla carbonara, spaghetti and meatballs, spaghetti with mussels, Linguini di mare, mushroom linguini, linguini bolognese and much more. Not only can you find recipes exclusively for Italian pasta, many include Mediterranean dishes, European, Seafood; special diets with vegetarian or gluten-free options, and classic pizzas.

How do you say restaurant in Italian


The restaurant in Italian is called Ristorante, but, beyond a simple definition, there is more than one term to take into account when we describe a restaurant from the Italian point of view. For example, we have the differences between Ristorante, Trattoria, and Osteria. The most formal is Ristorante, with an extensive menu and more elaborate dishes, you are served by professional waiters and a sommelier, the person in charge of the wine and spirits service. The Trattoria is a traditional family restaurant with delicious and hearty food. Finally, the Osteria is a tavern where wines and a daily’s menu or menu of the day are served.

What to order at an Italian restaurant

Italians take cooking very seriously, to make the most of your Italian culinary adventure and to make sure your palate can enjoy la dolce vita too, we present you with all the delicious aspects of it. The Italian breakfasts or Colazione are light, fast, and sweet. Make sure you order a cornetto, a delicious breakfast cake, it looks like a croissant, but it isn't; much sweeter, a bit like a brioche, it is often garnished with cream, jam, or Nutella. The healthiest breakfasts also include cereal, yogurt, toast, or any spread of your choice. Having an espresso or cappuccino is a perfect way to start the day on the right foot, which conveniently brings us to the next point. Caffè, in Italy the two most important coffee rules to remember are don’t drink cappuccino after 10 a.m. if you really want to avoid looking like a tourist, as it is a drink strictly reserved for children.

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Il Pranzo, most Italians have lunch around 1 or 2 p.m. and, depending on your living conditions and professional situation, it is usually the main meal of your day. If your busy schedule allows, lunch can consist of two courses: pasta, first choice, and fish or meat, as the main course. If you just want a quick lunch, a salad or sandwich will do at Venezia Italian Restaurant, st armands circle, lido beach. Merenda e Aperitivo, since Italians have to wait about six hours between lunch and dinner, they usually indulge themselves between these two meals. These sandwiches, called merende, are eaten in the morning or afternoon and consist mainly of small seafood peaks, such as calamari, seafood scampi, homemade crabcakes or savory such as mozzarella in carrozza, mussels sauteed or a slice of pizza al taglio, pizza crostini. If you have a snack between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., opt for the aperitif, which is nothing more than the aperitif.

Cena, a typical dinner in an Italian home usually consists of pasta, meat, and vegetables and takes place around 8 p.m. going out to dinner in a city in Italy should not be taken lightly for the following reason: it involves several dishes, wine and long moments of chatting and living with friends. They include cheese, meat, and olive dishes. Main dishes at Venezia Italian Restaurant in sarasota fl include, veal marsala, chicken parmigiana, risotto di mare, grouper francese and many more. We recommend you try the bruschetta, which is pronounced “brusketta” it is a famous toast, generally seasoned with tomato and olive oil, however our special bruschetta at Venezia Italian Restaurant, will truly delight your palate. Continue reading and come try it to see what we are talking about!


At Venezia Italian Restaurant located at St Armands circle in lido beach, sarasota, we offer the most delicious smoked salmon bruschetta to start eating like italians do during your stay in lido beach!

This delicious italian appetizer consists of a thin toast spread with our homemade cream cheese finished with extra virgin olive oil and balzamic glaze.